Im Changing Blogs


Sometimes life changes so significantly that you no longer can identify with the blog you have. So you change it. 🙂 I decided to blog more about my life and the things I do, but in swedish. Of course there will still be about modeling, my (new!) home, fashion, beauty, geeky stuff (computergames!) and everyday life. Just the way I like it. So join me if you think you’d like it. Or if not, this is goodbye.

Love – Angi


Where does the time go? Ive been so busy lately, with both good and bad stuff, the motivation to blog just didnt reach me. Maybe Ill blog more in the future, but right now Im not sure about what. Food, home, modeling, gaming or about what? Not so sure I wanna be personal at all. Maybe Ill switch blog and start over, with another concept, who knows. 🙂 Any ideas from you people? Well might have some new pics to show for you, Ill look around a bit. But in a week I am moving in together with my boyfriend, someone I dont even think I introduced in the blog, which accually feels good. Ill keep him to myself haha. ^^ But things dont always work out as planned, and sometimes they work out even better than you could have ever dreamed up in your mind. And my boyfriend is just like that, a very pleasant surprise. Now Im going back to the red wine and tv and Ill see if I cant get some time for blogging to! 🙂

Game On! :D

New Pic!

Photographer is the always good Fredrik Augustsson. And tomorrow Ill be acting as a makeupartist for him as he is getting a visit from a model from out of town. Fun fun! 😀

Planning Ahead

I love my warderobe and the things in it, dont need to do any shopping to feel that I have something to wear. But. I do want a new bag, a wintercoat and some killer earrings. Thats the only things on my wish-list. Now I only need to find them haha. Finding the perfect coat proved to be somewhat of a project.. sigh.. 😉

Sweet Saturday

To wake up early a saturday and have no plans, life is good! ^^

Two New Pics

Photographer is Thomas Lönnström